Slot Round Screws

Masons Fasteners Ltd can supply a wide range of machine screws in various head styles, diameters, lengths and finishes.

Pozi Countersunk
Slot Countersunk
Pozi Pan
Slot Pan
Slot Round
Pozi Raised Countersunk
Slot Raised Countersunk
Slot Cheese

Slot Mushroom
Pozi Mushroom
6 lobe Countersunk
6 lobe Pan
Slot Fillister
Slot Flange
Pozi Flange

Threads offered in Metric, UNF, UNC, BSW, BA and BSF.
Available in finishes such as stainless steel, self-colour, zinc, black, brass.
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Slot Round Screws
Slot Round Screw Brass Imperial

Slot Round Screw Brass Imperial